Ras David chikomeni Chirwa’s endorsement of Peter Mutharika did not come as a total surprise.

He is the only famous of all the presidential wannabes whose nomination papers Malawi electoral commission rejected. With May 21 around the corner, and political parties desperate for votes, it was just a matter of time before one desperate party sought after the deadlocked Rastas influence.

However, the way Chikomeni and DPP’s policies ended up compromising over a meeting is totally surprising. Out of this meeting, which the DPP’s vice president for the south-Honourable Kondwani Nankhumwa hosted Ras Chikomeni, came the decision to endorse Mutharika.

From their discussions Chikomeni concluded Mutharika is the only candidate with the ability to develop this country and improve living conditions of Malawians.

This contradicts the rastaman’s earlier sentiment that he would be a better leader than the incumbent, who is failing to address unemployment and many other problems, Malawi is struggling with it is not clearly understood how the Rastafarian’s political ideologies changed overnight.

Rumor has it that huge sums of money changed accounts during the meeting, Ras chikomeni dismisses the rumour, he insists he did it for the kids who are denied places in government schools because of religious beliefs. He was quoted-“Anyone approaching me was supposed to understand what we, rastas, want.

I am a Malawian and the DPP is a party in power. It is the government, which approached me. i consider that as a sign that the government is taking care of us.

We have been crying that we want to go to school in dreadlocks.” Like a joke, Ras Chikomeni came into the spotlight. his decision to stand for the presidency got him the fame, but it seemed to have been made under the influence of a little too much grass. His drafted policies for transforming Malawi had Malawians thinking otherwise.

He promised a million jobs from the hemp industry alone and to fight for the rights of his fellow dread-locked Rastas who do not enjoy full citizenry rights.

No wonder he pulled a huge crowd during the ceremony of presenting his nomination papers, the crowd testified of the many hearts, which had fallen for Ras Chikomeni, it proved Ras Chikomeni very influential. will the influence which has got him involved with DPP deliver or betray.

If DPP gets re-elected, will we have dread-locked students in government schools?. Only time will tell.

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