A 24 year old woman is in police cell for allegedly pretending to be pregnant and due for delivery at Limbe Health Centre in the commercial capital Blantyre.

The woman has been identified as Filesu Leonard from Munsiche village T/A Likoswe Chiradzulu.

According to information at hand, the woman stormed Limbe Health Centre Maternity Ward claim that she is pregnant and due for delivery.

A nurse/mid wife at the health centre identified as Mr. Chisomo Mandolo confronted the said woman and it was revealed she faked the pregnancy.

“He tried to examine her, but she refused to be examined for several attempts from 1600 hrs. Now @ 2000hrs, the nurses with the support of some guardians in the maternity wing, forced her to be examined. At this time she was undressed, but Alas !!! this lady faked pregnancy.

“She put some wrappers on her belly, pretending as if she was pregnant. She has since been detained at Limbe police pending to establish her motive behind the action. She is married, and blessed with one child. Her name is Filesu Leonard, she is 24 years from Munsiche village T/A Likoswe Chiradzulu. She’s currently staying in Bangwe Masala,” read in part the police report.

Added the report:  “She has never attended to ant anti natal clinic. As a matter of fact, an anti natal examination was carried out by the nurses @ Limbe health centre, and that the result has come out to be negative.”

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