A 26 Year old lusaka woman of Mtendere Compound identified as Melody Mbewe has been caught in bed with a married man at a local Guest house in Kalinganga, Zambian Observer reports.

The man has been identified as Mr. Gilbert Munyenga of Kalingalinga compound who is a business man.

The two were caught after a wife to Mr. Kanyenga was tipped that her husband was at Mayela guest house room number four.

Mrs. Kanyenga went with a machete ready to chop off the two before the girl in question pleaded for forgiveness saying that she was lied to.

Molody Mbewe who was physically shackened after seeing the Machette struggled to explain why she was found with a married man in a guest house.

“This man lied to me that he was not married, he told me the wife died in 2004. He told me that he could not take me to his house because his mother was around,” she said.

The wife who went to chop them off, just left after the young lady pleaded for forgiveness but they were left all naked as seen in the picture.

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