A well known prophet of Life in Christ Church in Lusaka’s Makeni Villa park John Ngulube, 32 was beaten to near death after he was allegedly found committing adultery with his neighbour’s wife.

Prophet Ngulube met his fate after he was allegedly found kissing and having sex with his neighbour’s wife who had gone to the church for morning prayers.

The husband of the woman, Moses Mpondela said that his wife left the house around 05:40 for her usual ‘morning prayers’ but he later decided to follow her after 30 minutes.

Mr Mpondela said after he followed his wife he discovered that the church was quiet and decided to enter the premises to check.

“My wife left the house around 05:30hours for her morning prayers which I always had doubts about; after she left I followed her only to find the church quiet,” he said.

“When I entered the church I saw my wife half naked while the prophet was completely naked”
He said the pastor was busy having sex with his wife under one of the tables when “I started shouting ‘Hule Hule! And people came and started beating up the pastor,” Mpondela said.

The Prophet was only rescued by a bus driver and his conductor who were on their way to town to take marketeers to Soweto market.

Source : Zambia Accurate

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