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Zodwa Wabantu in new confession


Zodwa Wabantu has faced a lot of harsh criticism in her time, but she has always held her head high and stayed true to herself. Being a celeb comes with a lot of challenges, pressure and opinions, and no one’s made of rock, not even Zodwa.

The Vosho Queen has faced her battles with pride. Zodwa has never strayed from the truth, which has made things a lot harder, but at the end of the day, authenticity is a lot more freeing than lies.

Briefly.co.za knows that Zodwa hustles hard and always puts her career first. Zodwa has made a rock-solid career that has opened doors she never dreamed of.

Zodwa made the decision to put her retirement on hold and give the people what they want. With back-to-back performances and a reality TV show about to launch, Zodwa has had her hands full.

Mzansi’s Vosho Queen recently took to social media with a post that got fans a little worried. Zodwa is not one to show ‘weakness’, so, when she expressed that she sometimes breaks down in tears, fans knew it was serious.

With all that is going on in her life, it is no surprise that Zodwa has moments when things get a bit too much. Sometimes even the strongest soldiers need to be carried.



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