By Flora Mitumba

At least 42 women have made it into parliament, an increase of 10 from the 2014 elections.

Most of the female legislators that have made it to parliament are new following casualties that have fallen on 2014 – 2019 cohorts.

Commenting on the development, 50 – 50 management spokesperson Wisdom Chimgwede said there is an increase of women in parliament compared to 2014 polls.

He added that Malawians could have done better.

“This is the right path although we should aim to go beyond this,” said Chimgwede.

He further added that the 31 percent increase should go up to 50 percent increase.

In her remarks women activist Emma Kaliya said for Malawi to achieve the 50 – 50 campaign, the country should adopt legislative quota system, whereby other seats are reserved for women only.

Some of the women that have been wiped out in this year’s elections are Juliana Lunguzi, Patricia Kaliati, Jean Kalirani and Shanil Dzimbili.

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