United Transformation Movement (UTM) president Saulos Chilima who is also vice president of the country has asked President Peter Mutharika to leave state house honorably.

Chilima made the request in Mangochi where he held a mass political rally at St. Augustine 3 primary school ground.

Chilima led the crowd in singing once a popular song ‘Zosiyirana/ Zosiyirana’

In his remarks Chilima said the hallmark of government is for office bearers to leave the stage for others if they fail to execute their mandate.

He then, outline ex-presidents of the country who left the office.

“We had Bakili Muluzi who paved way for the late Bingu Wa Mutharika,  then we had Dr. Joyce Banda who paved way for the current President, ‘Zinthuzi ndi Zosiyirana’  said Chilima.

He further said that Mutharika is remaining with less than 15 days to leave statehouse and pave way for him as he is the only right candidate to take over government.

“Today we have this outgoing president remaining with less than 15 days in office in order to pave way for UTM,” said Chilima.

According to Chilima, DPP government has failed Malawians and that only few individuals have benefitted from DPP.

He then pleaded with voters in Mangochi to vote for UTM leaders for massive developments in the district.

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