UTM leader Saulos Chilima has alleged said that there is a Zimbabwean national Augustine Chihuli who is in the county to help DPP government rig elections.

According to Chilima, Chihuli is a former commissioner general in Zimbabwe, he was allegedly hired by DPP government in order to train parallel police officers who will pose as legitimate officers and do underground acts in a bid to rig the tripartite elections in favor of DPP.

Chilima has since ordered that Chihuli must leave Malawi at once.

“We are saying that Chihuli must leave our country, don’t mess our elections.” Said Chilima

He also said there are also plans to switch already marked ballot papers with the credible ones .

He was saying this in a press briefing at his area 12 house which started at 5:30 in the morning.

He further said: “We will soon be writing Malawi Electoral Coalition , elaborating these anomalies so that they can have them fixed”

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