Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) aspiring candidate for Lilongwe City South West, Scholastica Chidyaonga has promised people of Area24 and Ngwenya that she will construct a Health Centre and Secondary School once elected as a parliamentarian for the area on May 21.

Speaking on Sunday at Tsabango School, Chidyaonga said the area has been lagging behind in development hence she has come to develop it.

“I want to bring a secondary school and health centre to this area once I am ushered into power, the people of this area travel long distance to access health services while children walk long distances to get to a nearest school,” Chidyaonga noted.

She urged the people to vote for DPP if they want the country to move forward in development.

“People should vote for DPP and our President Peter Mutharika to continue with his development agenda of this country. Peter Mutharika has shown us that he has passion to make this country a better place to live and to make sure that development is everywhere so I want to tell all the people that come May 21, they should vote for DPP,” Chidyaonga said.

She added that it is time for women to be in the forefront in developing the nation as they are the ones who know how to take care of people.

“As a woman I appreciate the 50-50 campaign that has encouraged us a lot especially in politics so that we can take part. Women are very good managers because they are mothers and in politics if they are given a chance they deliver,” Chidyaonga said.

She further asked all women politicians to avoid castigating each other because of politics but to rather support each other for the one goal of making the country a better pace to live.

In his remarks, Lilongwe Urban District Governor, Mussa Saidi said they thought of having a rally in the area to drum up support for their candidates.

“We are here to show support to our candidates and to tell people that they should vote for them in this year’s elections.

“DPP is the party that wants good things for its people and with a visionary and dynamic leadership of our President, Peter Mutharika, the country is in safe hands and we are sure come May 23, DPP is will carry the day,” Saidi said.

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