By Robert Kumwenda

Independent Shadow councilor for Mapanga ward in Blantyre City East Constituency, Kaliati Mkwera Edison has urged people to vote for indigenous citizens of the area.

He said the area has remained under-developed for the past twenty five years because the people that were elected were not indigenous citizens of the area.

“They come here as intelligent people just to cheat us and take our resources, if people choose me l will work with Traditional Leaders , ward committee and everyone in the ward,” he said.

He said among the people that are contesting as ward councilor for the area, he is the only one who is the indigenous citizen for the area.

Edison has since asked people to vote for him if they want to prosper and see some change in the area.

“I will use my influence as councilor to end paying of school fund in primary schools and examination fee because there are poor people that cannot manage to pay it,” he said.

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