Ngoni Paramount chief Mbelwa V of Mzimba has asked faith leaders to refrain from meddling in politics if they want to uphold their integrity in the society.

Mbelwa made the remarks at Manyamula Trading Center in Mzimba during President Peter Mutharika’s whistle stop in the district.

The remarks by Inkosi Mbelwa came in following the recent developments that some churches in the country are openly imposing aspiring candidates for the May 21 Tripartite elections.

Inkosi Mbelwa said that the act that is being done by faith leaders is promoting disunity among their members.

“By imposing an aspiring candidate on church followers was not only a tendency that has high potential to confuse people but also to create a bleeding environment for disunity in the churches,” said Inkosi Mbelwa.

He further reminded church leaders of their responsibility in the society.

“Faith leaders’ sole responsibility is to guide followers on spiritual matters in line with God’s willingness and not to be masters of earthly things like politics,” he said.

He further warned that when religious leaders poke nose into political affairs of the country, besides losing their integrity in the society they are propagating divisions among peace loving Malawians. �:�n���wR5

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