The Lilongwe Water Board (LWB) has won the Water Service Provider of the Year international award in South Africa.

The sixth edition of African Utility Week Industry Awards was held last night in Cape Town.

LWB Spokesperson Maurice Mkawihe says they defeated Umgeni Water, Hessequa Municipality and Ontec Systems Ltd in the awards.

LWB Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Engineer Alfonso Chikuni said the Award is a clear indication that the board is geared up in improving water service delivery in the central region.

“Winning such award is not a mean achievement. It clearly demonstrates that people are able to appreciate our efforts to ensure we provide quality water services to our customers,” Chikuni said.

Chikuni further added it is the vision of the board to be a leading customer focused and financially viable water utility in South Africa.

“We will continue to be innovative and proactive by adopting and implementing commerciary viable facilities to make sure that we are up to date with modern trends of technological development,” said Chikuni.

LWB which also won the award in 2017 was nominated this year for its innovative strides in improving water service delivery in the capital city.

Last year LWB was engaged in a conflict with Area 18 residence as a sewage pipe burst and mixed itself with the main pipe that supply water into the area.

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