United Transformation Movement (UTM) president Saulos Chilima has asked people of Karonga to give UTM a room to transform the district.

Chilima made the remarks at Baka primary school in Karonga during his whistle stop tours he is conducting in the northern region.

He added that the vision that UTM has in developing the country lies in his hands and no one can fulfill the vision.

“When I say that when I am elected president on May 21 my government will transform this country, people think it is a joke. They do not know districts like Karonga have full potential in developing the country,” Chilima said.

He further urged people of Karonga to vote wisely in the forthcoming elections.

“The ball is in your court whether you want to go back to Egypt and suffer in the hands of Pharaoh or cross Jordan and go to the Promised Land to enjoy milk and honey,” he said.

Speaking at the rally party’s director responsible for strategic planning Norman Nyirenda urged the voters to vote for UTM and its leaders in the same way voting out what he called a thieving government.

He added that people should confide in Chilima as he is God given leader to Malawi. 5817��T�)

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