According to police report, the incident occured during the night of 05-06/05/2019 at Chifo rest house in karonga.

Deceased are Tawonga Zuze and Tawana Zuze both from Chitungwiza, Zimbabwe.

The suspect being their mother Regina Mulwafu VGA Wenela T/A Mwaulambia Chitipa.

Brief facts are that the suspect is married to Mr Lovemore Zuze from Chitungwiza, lecture at Livingstonia University.

The husband discoverd that his wife had an extra martial affair with another man, when she was asked about the issue, she admitted and apologized to the husband.

However the husband orderd the wife to go home in Chitipa together with the two kids.

On 05/05/2019 around 1800 hrs the suspect left Mzuzu for Chitipa and arrived in karonga at about 2100 Hrs.

She booked a room at a rest house and later took termic which she bought upon arrival.

She give it to her two daughters and later she took it herself in order to die but only the children died.

On 06/05/2019 morning she discovered that the children had died that prompted her to inform the police.

Currently the suspect is receiving treatment and the dead bodies are still at the mortuary.

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