A well-wisher has bailed out The Polytechnic student Panganani Chepu, who was on the brink of withdrawing from studies at the University of Malawi constituent college due to lack of tuition fees, accommodation and food.

The story of Chepu and his colleague Florent Munthali was published in the Daily Times Friday Shaker on May 31, 2019.

Chepu, 20, confirmed that the well-wisher, who has opted for anonymity, has paid his tuition fees and provided him with accommodation and food. Chepu is from Ntcheu.

“I am very thankful to this well-wisher. I am just urging other well-wishers to come forward and help other needy students at the school so that, although we come from poor families, we can still get education,” said Chepu who was sleeping in a classroom and on an empty stomach at the college.

The well-wisher, a Lilongwe-based lady, has pledged to assist Chepu until he finishes his four-year bachelor of business administration (marketing) program at the college.

However, Munthali whose story was brought to light alongside that of Chepu, is yet to get sponsors as he, too, is on the verge of withdrawing from the college.

“Ndabalalika abwana [I am confused]. I am stuck. I am withdrawing anytime. Where do I get tuition fees and food? I am staying with a friend but at least I need to find my own accommodation where I can study,” he said.

The Polytechnic Dean of Students, Luciano Ndalama, said thatlast week that they were overwhelmed by problems which learners from underprivileged families face once they report to the institution.

The government abandoned the initiative of giving stipend to government-sponsored students a few years ago, effectively depriving those from poor families of any means of survival.

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