Association of Persons with albinism in Malawi (APAM) has said there is need for a trust program that will focus on issues of albinism in the country.

This was said by a member of board of trustees for APAM, Grace Massa during a press conference held in Lilongwe.

Massa said albinism should also be considered a trust program just as is the case with National Aids Commission (NAC) and other programs like the National TB Programme (NTP).

She added that considering that there are over 130, 000 people with albinism in the country, Albinism should have its own vote in the Malawi budget.

“We, at APAM, are very much interested in the way forward. We therefore would like to reiterate that just is the case with National AIDS Commission and other programs like the National TB Control Programme, albinism should also be considered as a trust program,” she said.

According to Massa the responsibility to promote and protect rights of people with albinism falls on the government.

She then said that there is also a need to speed up investigations and cases regarding abductions and killings of people with albinism.

She pointed out that there are some cases related to abduction of people with albinism that cannot be forgotten, demanding that justice should be done.

“The case of Buleya Lule and Ibra Pilo cannot be forgotten. Justice should not only be seen to be done, but it should actually be done,” she said.

APAM has further called on the government to release K250 million meant for implementation of activities for two months period spanning May to June, 2019.

Reacting on the issue of funding, Chief Disability Awareness and Equalization Officer in the department of disability and elderly affairs Julian Mabangwe said some stakeholders involved including the Malawi Human Rights Commission (MHRC) and Malawi police have already received funding of the National Action Plan.

“Maybe it might be because of communication breakdown otherwise the funds are readily available. Government has released money as the National Action Plan has different stakeholders; some of the

Partners have already received the funding. Stakeholders including APAM were supposed to send their requirements,” she said.

International Albinism Awareness Day falls on June 13 yearly. The day in Malawi will be commemorated on June 27.

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