A 45 year old garden boy Binali Mkwate has sentenced to 10 years imprisonment with hard labor for defiling his employer’s daughter in Dalton court sitting in Limbe on June 20.

He also infected the minor with sexually transmitted diseases.

This happened in 2015, at Madulira in the township of Machinjiri when the victim was 8 years.

The state prosecutor Inspector Christopher Daluni told the presiding senior resident magistrate His worship Chipofya that on this day, Binali Mmadi was given a task to iron some clothes.

Since all other family members were away, he enticed the minor and defiled her. Binali, threatened to kill victim, if she revealed the incident her parents.

The matter was kept under wrap until in the month of May this year, when the victim started producing bad smell on her private parts.

She told her class teacher about the smell, who later called her parents to take her to the hospital for medication.

She was taken to one -stop -centre at Queen Elizabeth central hospital, where it was discovered that she had sexually transmitted disease.

Prosecutor Daluni further told the court that after this disease revelation, people squeezed her and narrated the whole ordeal about Binali the garden boy.

He pleaded guilty in court and Inspector Daluni asked the court to give a stiffer custodial sentence citing; the victim is still traumatized, STIs and that he is also a threat to minors in the society.

His worship Chipofya, concurred with Daluni and sentenced him to 10 years imprisonment with hard labor to deter would be offenders.

The offence is in contravention of section 138(1) of the penal code.

Binali Mmadi comes from Tcheziwa village in Traditional Authority Nkanda in Mulanje

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