Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of First Discount House (FDH) Dr. Thomson Mpinganjira has urged women leaders to venture into entrepreneurship.

Mpinganjira inspired women on Wednesday during the Seventh Day Adventist (SDA) Women Leadership Convention at College of Medicine in Blantyre.

Mpinganjira, talked to the women under the topic ‘The Bolts and Nuts of entrepreneurship’, in his powerful 30 minute talk, Mpinganjira challenge the 1000 delegates that anyone can be successful provided they put God first and follow a set of principles.

“Always put God first and you will succeed. When you are succeeding, remember that God is looking for spiritual return on his investment,” he said.

He further added that God is looking up to them to manage his wealth and opportunities.

“God gives us the power and the means to create wealth and opportunity to manage if for him

He further told the gathering that it is always good to have a vision and a dream citing that it should be big enough that even if one just attain a small percentage of it one will still be considered successful.

“Then put in place a plan to realize the dream and be persistent,” he said.

He then challenged the women that their journey to reach their destiny will not be as easy as they might think, citing that they might face hardships and setbacks but they should not let anyone to look down on them.

SDA Women Ministries Director Emily Egolet, said such conventions are aimed at molding women into warriors and not worriers at the same time equipping them with various leadership skills which includes entrepreneurship.

Egolet further expressed her gratitude for the practical insight shared by Dr. Mpinganjira.

She extended vote of thanks to the sponsors FDH Bank and United Nations (UN) Women for the financial and technical support.

FDH Bank under its FDH Cares corporate social responsibility program contributed MK5 million towards the convention.

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