A Nigerian billionaire has caused a ruckus on social media after he decided to use a helicopter to escape a two-hour traffic jam. The unnamed man had been stuck on the road for hours on end driving him to run out of patience.
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Suddenly, the propellers of a helicopter could be heard from a far and within seconds, the aircraft landed on the highway and a man walked out of his car.
In a video that has since gone viral, the tycoon was spotted exiting his vehicle and majestically stepping onto the plane that came to his rescue.
By standers trooped on the streets to witness the once in a lifetime phenomenon. Of course most of them could not believe that a man was powerful enough to be hoisted away using a plane just because he could not deal with the headache of staying in a traffic gridlock.
Stunned kids ran as quick as they could to at least catch a glimpse of the mysterious Mr money bags.
Social media users just watched in awe as some people wondered if they would ever reach that level of extra.

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