A gang of robbers has stolen KSh 1.5 million at Itoleka Financial Services Association (FSA) Bank in Kitui, Kenya.

According to sources, the thieves dug a tunnel which they used to access the bank’s strong room.

The robbery is the second to be reported in the country. It was discovered on the morning of Sunday, June 16.

According to authorities, it may have taken the gang about two days to create the tunnel.

Confirming the incident, Kitui East Deputy OCPD Edward Legei said the facility’s night guard discovered the hole and then informed the police.

“He told our officers that as he was patrolling the bank, he saw a tunnel and suspected something could me a miss and reported to us. Money safe and lockers were broken. We recovered equipment used to dig the tunnel,” said Ligei.

The guard has since been taken in by police for further interrogation.

The Kitui incident comes hardly two months after the Barclays Bank heist where a well-coordinated gang made away with over KSh 11 million from four ATMs.

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