YDC Theatre actor Fumbani Phiri, who has been instrumental in writing plays for his group is reaping rewards for his hard work which has seen doors opening for him to attend different forums in Europe.

The youthful actor and playwright has since left the country for Berlin, Germany where he is attending the 50th anniversary of Grips Theatre.

The event is made up of an international symposium, international guest performances as well as a festival of music for young audience.

Phiri left the country on Sunday.

“I will be in Germany from June 10 to 14 2019 attending Grisp Theatre Festival for children’s human rights symposium. I will conduct a theatre presentation for children and this will be followed by a panel discussion. Assitej International and Silvia Hesse recommended me to be part of this symposium,” Phiri said.

Phiri said he is “From Germany I will connect to Belgium on June 15 to attend International Colloquium of Culture for the Future where I am also expected to be part of discussions and cultural exchange activities from June 16-17. This program has been initiated by European Commission and I was selected after I submitted my artistic portfolio and paper presentation online,” the playwright and actor said.

In Belgium, Phiri is also expected to be amongst young Africans to do a presentation during European Development Day on June 18.

Phiri is also expected to attend the Southern Africa Youth Theatre Camp in Zimbabwe later this month where he has been selected alongside Bright Tchayatchaya from Umunthu Theatre.

Happy with the progress he has made in theatre and that he is looking forward to more.

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