There was no bread in most shops around Zimbabwe on Monday evening and milling companies have reported that there is no wheat in the country.

Scores of people scoured supermarkets in Bulawayo and other cities where in search of the commodity that has run out.

The Grain Millers Association of Zimbabwe (GMAZ) Public Relations manager Mr Garikai Chaunza painted a dire picture saying there was no wheat in the country for millers to make bread.

He said his association was urgently engaging the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe to avail US $12,5 million to import wheat, failure to which bread could not be produced.

“There is no wheat stocks and we are in communication with the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe to unlock wheat consignments which are in Beira and Harare,” said Mr Chaunza.

He said 30 000 tonnes of wheat had been obtained in Mozambique and could only be delivered to the country after payments of US$12.5 million.

By around 7pm the following day on Tuesday, citizens had come alive to the fact that there was no bread and the situation is likely to continue indefinitely.

Bread actually started becoming scarce on Saturday and now it has finally run out. It’s either the government has not bought wheat or bakeries want to create an artifical shortage and hike prices, reports Bulawayo24.


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