Police have arrested 68 people in connection to looting and injuring of police officers during country wide demonstrations on Thursday.

National Police Spokesperson James Kadadzera has confirmed to Zodiak Online.

“Out of the 68 suspects arrested, 39 are from Lilongwe and 29 from northern region”

“It is sad that a good number of police officers were injured during the demonstrations and some are currently receiving treatment in hospitals,” said Kadadzera.

According to a statement released Sunday, Malawi Police Service has assured Malawians of their total safety and security when there are continued incidences of violence and looting in some parts of the country.

National police Spokesperson James Kadadzera said law enforcement agencies are monitoring the current situation closely.

According to Kadadzera, the Malawi Police Service strongly condemns the criminal acts and looting that resurfaced during the demonstrations in Lilongwe, Blantyre, Zomba, Mzuzu, Rumphi, and Karonga on Thursday.

“It is very sad that some shops in Lilongwe City Center were smashed, some roads in town were blocked, tyres were burnt and the rioters harassed innocent bystanders and pelted stones on vehicles and buildings.

“Currently, we have arrested 68 people in connection to the looting and injuring of police officers,” said Kadadzera.

He further said out of 231 bicycles that were stolen from Mzuzu ADD offices, 55 bicycles have been recovered and 4 computer monitors and 2 CPUs.

The National police PRO said they have put in place strategies and modalities so that citizens can normally access services at hospitals, schools, shops markets and police officers have been deployed in different areas across the country to reduce the fear of crime among Malawians.

Meanwhile, police are warning all those who are creating and spreading scary messages and audios on Social media propagating hatred and violence that they will be traced and answer in court.

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