The Chewa Heritage Foundation (CHEFO) has embarked on sensitizing the rural masses on the importance of conducting and taking part in demonstrating peacefully.

This was said by the chairperson of the foundation Lyson Banda during a meeting organized by Lilongwe District Council.

Banda said the campaign follows violent scenes during recent demonstrations that led to destruction of property.

Banda added that they received reports that Gule wamkulu was causing chaos during the demonstrations living people’s lives in danger, so they want to make sure that their culture’s good reputation is maintained.

“We heard that Gule wamkulu is everywhere especially in T/A KAbudula, Khongoni, Mtema and that head teachers, teachers and business people are being terrorized during demonstrations,” said Banda.

According to Banda, for such trauma to end there is a need for people to be sensitized hence the campaign.

“So we need to civic educate people to that they should separate culture from politics,” he said.

In his remarks Lilongwe Rural west desk officer in the ministry of education Konzi Phiri said over 20 schools have been affected in various T/As.

“In the education sector we are deeply concerned with the destruction of properties since it will cost a lot to repair which is a challenge to us,” complained Phiri.

He continued that other student are not reporting in school as they are being chased adding that their future is at stake as they are being regarded as future leaders.

Lilongwe District commission (DC) Lawford Palani said a lot of services have been disrupted in the city all in the name of demonstrations.

“This is why we called different stakeholders from diferent sections so that we can map a way forward together,” he said.

Others who attended the meeting were Police officers, political party leaders traditional leaders and district education managers.

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