Malawi Congress Party (MCP) says they have suffered damage to property worth K38 million in the arson attack on their regional offices on Sunday night in Blantyre.

Vice president for the party Sidik Mia visited the site on Monday where he said they are not bothered with how much is lost but to get back the information dating back to 50 years is very critical for them.

Mia said the development was sad but they carry on eager to at least see justice prevail.

“I decided to come here to asses the damage and to plead to the security who are looking into the issue to be able to pin point the culprits. This is something that Malawi should not experience,” Mia said.

He told journalists that if it is retaliation with what is happening with the protests, they should not go to the extent of being criminal.

Mia speaking to the media

Mia highlighted the office catered for the whole of the southern region with files on party members from the 1960’s saying it is a pity that such information will be hard to recover.

Regional Secretary for the south Peter Khofi in an interview with local press said the attack is suspected to have taken place at around 10 o’clock at night.

Mabvuto Chaiwalika who is regional organising secretary called Khofi in the morning to inform him of the arson attack but he could not elaborate and point out who was actually behind it.

A watchman from Blantyre Institute of Management (BIM) is reported to have seen the flames at around 11pm before calling his immediate bosses.

The guard told his boss he saw two minibuses and a pick up going to the offices but he did not anticipate anything so he took not precaution measures until he saw the flames.

One of the people with knowledge of what happened but opted not to be mentioned for fear of his life said the offices had no guard.

A bathroom
A bathroom in the MCP offices

He said the numbers of the suspected attackers was overwhelming that they did not attempt to stop them.

The source who is impeccable said they hid to avoid being spotted and being beat up.

Khofi has since said the matters is in the hands of Limbe Police who are investigating.

The Police came around 12:30 pm to cordon off the area which is now designated as a crime scene.


One of the police officers said they are waiting for bomb experts from Lilongwe to determine what caused the arson.

This is the second time the regional offices have been targeted with the first attempt foiled as the petrol bomb used failed to detonate.

Source : Kulunji

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