Eleven Kenyan girls were on Thursday night arrested by police for engaging in pornography.

Two people, a man and a woman who are believed to be in charge of the 11 girls, were also nabbed in the apartment in Mombasa.

Some of the women who were arrested in an apartment on suspicion of shooting pornographic films.

Mombasa Police Commander Johnston Ipara told Nairobi News that sex toys were recovered from the house. The toys included vibrators and plastic penises.

“We also seized 15 laptops and 10 computers which we believe were being used in their indecent activities,” said Mr Ipara.

The suspects are being held at Nyali Police Station and will be arraigned in court later on Friday.

Mr Ipara said the man and the woman will be charged with engaging in pornography and face another charges of involving young women in prostitution.

The arrests comes few months after 12 Nepalese were also arrested in Kenya. A Mombasa tycoon was arrested on suspicion of being involved in sex slavery.

The Nepalese women were brought to Kenya as dancers.

Their case is ongoing at the Mombasa Law Court.

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