A 36 year old Man is in police custody in Dedza for allegedly attempting to kill a police officer.

Dedza Assistant Police Spokesperson Cassim Manda confirmed of the development in an interview with Zodiak Broadcasting Station (ZBS) and identified the suspect as Levi Mwandilongo.

Manda said the suspect was arrested on Monday.

“The suspect, Mr. Mwandilongo kicked a police officer out of a moving vehicle when he was escorting him to MRA offices after his vehicle was impounded for tax evasion,” said Manda.

Manda said identified as Malonda Banda, was assigned to escort the impounded vehicle.

According to Manda, his fellow officer got surprised after noticing that the victim was taking long to arrive.

Manda said that Malonda Banda was later found unconscious along the road by some road users and was rushed to Dedza District Hospital.

The suspect will appear in court soon.

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