A 47-year-old man in Kenya is reported to have killed both his pregnant wife and three-year-old son in what is said to have been occasioned by domestic wrangles.

Police boss Maxwel Nyaema told local reporters that the suspect, Mr Ndung’u later allegedly attempted to commit suicide by drinking a pesticide.

Mr Nyaema said the bodies were removed to a Hospital mortuary by police officers from a nearby Police Post.

“The deceased had a deep cut on the forehead and a slit on the neck. We have started investigations on the incident and we will open an inquiry to gather more information,” Mr Nyaema said.

It is said the suspect is alleged to have used a sharp object to attack the two.

Mr Simon Ndirangu, area resident, told reporters that the deceased was expecting to deliver a child next month but was allegedly brutally murdered by her husband on Thursday at around 2am.

Mr Ndirangu said irate residents wanted to attack the suspect but they found him laying on bed beside the two bodies.

“Locals were angered and wanted to descend on him but they found him in a critical condition. He was vomiting and was rushed to a nearby health center,” Mr Ndirangu said.

He said the incident was discovered by the suspect’s mother and a neighbour

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