By Orchestra Kamanga

One of the renowned Poet Joseph Madzedze is slated to launch his long awaited Poetry CD Album at Blantyre French Cultural Centre (Formerly French Cultural Centre) on August 11 from IPM.

Speaking in an Interview, the poet said he started his career of reciting poems at the tender age while at Primary School in his home district Mwanza.

“During my youthful days, I used to recite poems from the Primary school books in Mwanza which was written by other writers but in the year 1999 is when I started writing and reciting my own poems,” he said.

He then released his first album in 2003 titled Kwathuku Kumudzi with 15 poems like Tikutenga ukhale wanga, Kalata ku Joweni, Kusesa kwalero and his second CD was released in 2013 titled Achikabudula with 18 poems.

“I released another Album tittled Mayeso akuusilikali with 23 poems before releasing Changachanga Ndiwe. And now this time I am launching Madando CD Album which my fans have so far been waiting and it will be massive,” said the father of three (2 boys and one girl).

Madzedze who is famous by Madado poem will also launch a DVD which is the collection of five Albums and urged people to patronize the show in large numbers.

“People will not be disappointed during the day and they will have to cough K1, 500 in advance and K2, 000 at the door. And for the DVD, he has collected the best poems from his five albums which teaches culture and lessons to Malawians,” said husband of Loneness.

His hobbies are reading novels and writing so that his talent must grow bigger and his favourite food is Okra (Therere) and Meat as a Ngoni tribe.

Some of the supporting poets are Sylvester Kalizang’oma, Mr. Malawi, Mada Nyambo Aunt Geght.



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