Seodi White Continues Backing Ansah; Promises Nude Demo

Chairperson of the Forum for Concerned Women Seodi White has refused to disclose when she will mobilize women to demonstrate naked against the human rights activists who are holding nationwide demonstrations calling for resignation of Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) chairperson Jane Ansah.

White, who is also chief director in the Public Sector Reforms Unit said if Human Rights Defenders Coalition (HRDC) will continue protesting against Ansah, women across the country will march naked.

“We have seen since the violent demonstrations started that the persisted calculated harassment and insulting of Justice Jane Ansah as a woman. The issue has become gendered in that gender abusive language has been used,” said White.

Political analyst Ernest Thindwa said White is missing the point as calls for Ansah’s resignation have nothing to do with gender, instead she is been asked to step down on governance issues.

Few weeks ago organized solidarity march to call for a cessation of gender abuse against Justice Jane Ansah.

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