Police in Zambia have arrested a man in connection with the murder of his girlfriend identified as Natasha Mkandawire.

The suspect only identified as a Mr Zulu is reported to have killed his girlfriend in his car and later drove and dumped the body elsewhere.

Police Spokesperson Esther Katongo has narrated to Mwebantu in an interview that Zulu picked the girlfriend on the material day and the two went to some place within the locality where they packed away from the people and sat in the car.

“According to the reports we are getting from him is that he had a girlfriend and that on the material day, he went and picked her from her home and they went to some place in the same area. They packed there away from people. and they were in a vehicle, Katongo said.

“After they packed there, according to him, some people went there and banged on the window and demanded that they roll down the windows. So according to him, he rolled down the windows and that’s how that woman was shot at.”

She said police however wondered how the suspect could not report the incident to police.

“Now the question that is coming in is that the same person got the body and dumped it somewhere and did not report the matter to police,” Katongo added.

Katongo further narrated that the suspect is reported to have burnt his shirt which he wore on the material day after he got stained with blood.

“And also according to the information we are getting is that he has a shirt which he was wearing on that material day which had blood. So when he went home, he removed it and burnt the shirt,” said Katongo.

“He gave that information through other people who he knows and through those people that is how the information came to the police. So he is detained in police custody and we are still investigating the same.”

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