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Zodwa Wabantu hits back at critics


From her revealing outfits to her sensual dance moves and recent comments about gay people, Zodwa Wabantu has had to come out to defend herself. In addition to all that she had her parenting skills questioned again but that she wasn’t willing to take that lying down.

In the overflowing comments section of Zodwa’s Instagram page under one of her many Vodacom Durban July posts, one follower wrote a lengthy comment expressing his disgust at Zodwa’s behaviour and the type of role model she is as a mother to a teenage boy.

Zodwa told TshisaLIVE it wasn’t the first time she received such comments and she usually ignores them, except she had time this time around.

“I don’t understand how they can tell me how to mother my own son. I think it’s ridiculous but I just thought I should let him [the follower] know that if he’s really serious, he must try and adopt my son and see if he’ll do a better job. My son is happy and taken care of, I don’t think anything else matters.”

Zodwa told the follower just where to get off and afterwards suggested that he must apply to adopt her son and tell social welfare exactly how she is lacking in the parenting department.

The entertainer also pointed out that social media users are not consistent and that is why it’s a waste of time to take offence at the things they say.

Just last week, she was praised for her heart-to-heart with her son, which she posted on Instagram, where she told her son to stay in school and make something of himself.

“I always emphasised to my son that he must not worry about what people say about me and the sh*t I do, he must just focus on school. I want him to be successful and even if he ends up not needing to use school, he must have education as back up.”



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