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Naked Man Found Dead in Cemetery


Bodies are supposed to be buried underground. But on Monday a security guard got the shock of his life when he found a body lying on the ground.

The guard at Odi Cemetery in Mabopane, South Africa, then alerted cops, who established it was the body of a middle-aged male.

The discovery shocked the community.

Pinky Mhlaba (43) from Mabopane said it was the first time she’d heard of such a thing.

“This is such a bad sign. People who did this are cruel,” she said.

“Now we’re scared to even pass next to the graveyard.”

Another resident said: “We don’t know who this person is.

“It means we’re not safe. There has never been an incident like this one before.”

Police spokesman Captain Samuel Sebola said the guard discovered the body while on patrol.

“The body was bruised all over and it was naked,” he said.

“The deceased is unknown and there are no witnesses.”

He appealed to anyone who may have information about the murder to contact the Police.

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