Human Right Defenders Coalition (HRDC) Chairperson Timothy Mtambo has faulted the “World Peace Prize 2019” award given to President Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika, saying Mutharika does not deserve the award.

The Office of the President and Cabinet (OPC) on Tuesday announced that President Mutharika has been nominated as the recipient of the “World Peace Prize 2019” which is awarded to persons who have prevented conflict in their country or region.

According to the statement, Mutharika has been nominated due to his exemplary leadership, in promoting peace and inter-religious understanding in the world.

“According to the IYC, the prize is awarded periodically to individuals of high calibre who have contributed to world peace by preventing country, regional conflict or world war through peaceful settlement of political, diplomatic and economic disputes,” reads part of the statement.

Writing on his official facebook page, Mtambo said the award to Mutharika is an insult to Malawians.

“It is stupidity of the highest order for government to declare war against its own people. Mutharika and your DPP you will account for all these. We will not allow you to run Malawi as a criminal enterprise. You do not own Southern Region.

“We hear that Mutharika has been nominated for a peace award, which peace? He owns cadets who are tormenting Malawian everyday with full blessings from his leadership and they have an audacity to award him for peace? Whoever is giving this award should know that they are insulting Malawians. The God we serve will severely punish you. SOON JUSTICE WILL PREVAIL!!!!,” wrote Mtambo.

Meanwhile Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) cadets in Blantyre have hacked one of the human right defenders Billy Mayaya in Blantyre.

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