Kaphale Contemplating on Obtaining another Moratorium against Anti-Ansah Demos

The Office of the Attorney General has said it will return to Supreme Court of Appeal with the organizers of the Anti-Ansah demonstrations, Human Rights Defenders Coalition (HRDC), following the coalition’s move of announcing new dates for demonstrations.

In an interview with the AG Kalekeni Kaphale, he said he was surprised that HRDC has announced to hold further demonstrations, yet they have not concluded their discussions.

Following the expiry of a 14 day moratorium the Supreme Court of Appeal gave restraining HRDC from holding demonstrations, the coalition chair Timothy Mtambo on Tuesday announced September 18-20 as dates for fresh demonstrations.

According to Mtambo, the meetings between the coalition and the AG has proved to be futile, as they did not meet their expectations.

According to the lawyer for HRDC, Khwima Mchizi, there is nothing wrong for HRDC to announce fresh dates for the Court did not rule against holding further demos.

“The court made its statement clearly by giving the Attorney General and HRDC a 14 day moratorium in which the two parties had to dialogue for a mutual way forward, but the court did not stop HRDC from holding demonstrations,” said Mchizi.

Aftermath of May 21 tripartite election, HRDC has been holding demonstrations calling for the resignation of Malawi Electoral Commission chairwoman Jane Ansah for allegedly mismanaged the polls

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