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“I rejected sexual advances from my manager”, Rose Muhando speaks


Popular gospel musician Rose Muhando has opened up on the allegations of abusing drugs and being involved in devil worshiping.

The singer who was speaking during an interview on Radio Citizen’s Jambo Kenya show on Friday morning, dismissed the allegations as false.

The ‘Nibebe’ hit maker further revealed that her manager came up with the allegations after she turned down his sexual advances.

“I did not want to be a sex slave and he (manager) started the scandal after I said no to his advances. (…Sikutaka kuwa mtumwa wa ngono, sitaki hata leo. Potelea mbali hata kama yeye alitaka kuchukua vitu vyangu, akaamua kunitengenezea scandal sababu nilimkataa) ” said Ms Muhando. ,” Rose Muhando stated as quoted by Citizen TV.

The musician who recently made a comeback in the music industry claimed at some point she was coerced to do things she could not say i public.

“I have had a gun pointed on my head and being forced to accept to do things that I cannot mention on radio. I am ready to die but I cannot even for a mnute agree with what the slavery that they wanted to put me in.

” (Kwani mara ngapi nimechukuliwa nikapelekwa milimani, nikapelekwa msituni nikawekewa bastola kichwani nikubaliane na kile ambacho sitaweza kulisema lakini nilikataa nikasema niko radi kufa lakini hata kwa dakika moja siwezi kubaliana na utumwa ambao walitaka kunitumikisha nao, siwezi!),” Muhando said.

Rose Muhando was at one point attracted the attention of the internet after a video showing controversial Kenyan pastor Ng’ang’a removing demons from her went viral.

She recently released a new song featuring Kenyan musician Ringtone which received a lot of positive reception.



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