Pastor Alph Lukau, the South African based prophet who earlier this year made international headlines for ‘resurrecting’ a dead Zimbabwean,  has shared ‘evidence’ that he says is proof he is not a human being.

Ironically, the evidence does not involve resurrecting dead people. Rather, it is something unbelievable and shocking.

Prophet Lukau’s official YouTube, begins with the Alleluia Ministries’ pastor locating a woman called “Portia who was born on the 11th of November”.

When the called woman moves forward, Lukau begins ‘prophesying to her’.

“The Lord spoke to me about Portia who was born on the 11th of November. I am seeing Portia with 3 children” as the woman accepts to being the said Portia, Lukau tells her that the Lord has asked him to help her because of her husband.

In the footage, Lukau ‘reveals’ that her husband left her home just when she left for church to consult a witch-doctor.

The husband is said to have been suspended from work after being suspected to have stolen money.

The woman then calls the husband live on air. But she fails to connect as the phone dials to voicemail.

With the husband phone off, the prophet asks Portia to call her Auntie who he says is with the husband at the Sangoma. The phone rings but Portia’s auntie does not pick up.

Lukau then ‘commands’ the husband to switch on the phone through a ‘prayer’. Immediately after the prayer, the number saved as husband rings when Portial calls it.

The televangelist tells Portia to inform her husband that if he does not leave the Sangoma with immediate effect, their lives are doomed.

Following an emotional plea to leave, the husband confesses to being at the Sangoma and promises to leave.

Without resistance, her husband accepts to join her at Lukau’s Alleluia Ministries International where he ‘gives’ his life to Jesus.

Lukau made international headlines after resurrecting Eliot Moyo from the dead.

watch the video below

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