The August House on Friday failed to deliberate on motion for the confirmation of Inspector General of Police, Duncan Mwapasa, due time.

The order paper seen by faceofmalawi reporter this morning showed that parliament will today tackle four issues and one of them being the confirmation of Mwapasa as Inspector General of Police.

But instead, government side priotised other issues, including a loan authorization bill from African Development Bank on Multinational Nacala Road Corridor Development Project, Phase V.

Leader of Government in Parliament tabled a motion to waive relevant standing orders and allow members of Parliament to tackle the issue of confirmation of Duncan Mwapasa as Inspector General of Police at around 12:10.

The move saw the opposition block, which had few numbers on the day, blocking debate on the matter leading to division in the house.

The move then proceeded to voting. While there opposition MPs again blocked extension of time on the matter and the Speaker adjourned the house to Monday afternoon.

Meanwhile the motion will be brought again in the house next week.

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