A 25-year-old Zimbabwean man allegedly hanged himself from a tree in neighbour’s garden after his girlfriend went to an all-night music gala without informing him.

According to reports by the Chronicle, Blessing Sigauke allegedly had a misunderstanding with his girlfriend only identified as Thembi.

The music gala was held on Friday night where thousands of people attended.

A source, Andrew Mupande told local media that the man threatened to kill himself during the fight with his girlfriend.

“Yes, it’s true that a resident hanged himself and we are told that he had an argument with his girlfriend. The two are said to have fought after which he told the girlfriend that he was going to kill himself but no one took him seriously. His body was found hanging in a garden by a resident,” said Cllr Mupande.

Another source said Sigauke and Thembi had a misunderstanding which degenerated into a fight when she returned home from the gala on Saturday morning.

“Circumstances are still not clear but we heard he had an argument with Thembi after he confronted her on why she went to the gala without his knowledge,” said the source

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