Minister Admits Receiving Pressure to Re-Introduce JCE Examinations

Minister of Education Science and Technology, William Susuwele Banda has said the ministry will open a debate on the issue of re-introducing Junior Certificate of Education (JCE) examinations before the decision is made.

Banda said this following the admission that there are increased pressure from different quarters across the country.

Government removed JCE examination in order to promote the practice of continuous assessment in secondary school.

Government said that instead of having JCE examinations, students will be sitting for Cluster Based Examinations (CBE).

Cluster management teams will be formed which will be responsible for setting and marking cluster based examination within each cluster.

Since the abolition of JCE examination a number of people have been logging complaints over the matter arguing that the development lowered education standards in the country.

Recently, a movement calling themselves Anti-quota movement demonstrated calling for abolition of quota system and re-introduction of JCE examination, hence the minister’s response on the matter.

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