In South Africa, University of KwaZulu-Natal (UKZN) students assaulted a male student on Monday after he allegedly trespassed on a female residence block on campus.

The suspect allegedly entered a bathroom where a female student was taking a shower at around 12pm on Monday.

When she noticed the man, the female student screamed, and he was soon removed from the building by UKZN Risk Management Services (RMS). As the alleged trespasser was escorted out of the building, a group of angry students approached and attacked him.

The student claims he had merely entered the bathroom to use the toilet. It is believed he entered the block through a fire escape.  The Daily News reports they have seen a video of the student being punched, kicked and hit with sticks as UKZN officials tried to escort him.

UKZN spokesperson Ashton Bodrick tells DRUM the student has been arrested and that it is unacceptable for a male student to enter a female student residence or bathroom. The university’s management will not tolerate such misdemeanours.

“Students who flout the university rules and commit acts which threaten the safety of other students, most especially female students, will be severely dealt with by management. The police and university RMS are investigating the matter and the police have opened a case on a trespassing charge. Counselling services have been arranged for the female student.”

UKZN Student Representative Council Westville chair Moses Nkambako says the students are still living in fear.

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