A 26-year-old man in Zimbabwe who is from Sizinda suburb in Bulawayo sent his neighbours into shock and disbelief after he slaughtered and put his dog on braai in full view of his neighbours, that he also threatened with a similar fate.

Jacob Mwanza

According to sources, a drunk Jacob Mwanza,  popularly known as “Nyaguza”, had a tendency of not only patting his dog, but fondling it as well. He also told his neighbours that one day he would slaughter his dog.

“The dog was always abused by Jacob. Especially when he was drunk because he would be all over him as if he was fondling a woman,” said one of the residents, Nonsikelelo.

Mwanza was known for making noise especially when he was drunk and he had threatened his neighbours that he would eat them one day.

“Jacob always makes noise especially when he is drunk. He threatened that he’ll eat us one day so we are afraid of him,” said one of the neighbours on condition of anonymity.

On that day it is reported that Mwanza came home drunk on Wednesday last week and started shouting at his tenants in the family house demanding meat for a braai.

“He shouted and asked for meat for braai when he came home drunk. He then slaughtered his dog in view of the public,” said MaNcube, one of the residents.

It is understood Mwanza slaughtered the dog and had a braai until members of the public reprimanded him, B-Metro reports.

“He slaughtered his dog and had a braai. Residents tried to reprimand him for eating dog meat but Mwanza became radical and ordered the community to respect his rights,”said Brian, one of the residents.

Mwanza told the B-Metro crew that he slaughtered his dog after being inspired by a television show, Ultimate Braai Master. He denied that he ate dog meat.

“I can’t remember what really happened because I was drunk. I love braai and was inspired by Braai Master show to slaughter my dog but it is a lie that I ate dog meat,” said Mwanza.

“People want to tarnish my image and I know that members of the community have a grudge on me,” said Mwanza.

It is not the first time a Zimbabwean has been reported to have eaten dog meat as at one point The Chronicle carried a report of a man from Sizinda who ate dog meat and also sold some to other residents claiming that it was beef.

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