Comedienne Felistus Ngwira also knows as Nyauyu has shared her journey citing that it has not been easy for her to be where she is today.

Nyauyu has shared her story as she has clocked two years since she ventured into the comic world

According to Nyauyu people in the country are still opening their hearts to accept comedy adding that she is optimistic that things will change.

Nyauyu could not hide the hard part of it “It is even tougher for me as a female comedian,” she said yesterday.

However, Nyauyu, could not let that to be an excuse for her not to move forward as he said she is determined to sell the country’s brand through comedy.

“This year I performed in Zambia and the reception proved that my brand is even bigger in Zambia.

This year, I have also had time curtain raising for Ugandan comedian Teacher Mpamire and other comedians in the country and this is a sign that I am going the right direction,” Nyauyu said.

Nyauyu has however asked organization to accept that comedy is the most powerful tool in s far as communication is concerned.

“Some organisations are yet to accept that comedy is one of the most powerful tools of communication and some feel it’s a waste of time but people need to laugh in life and within that get the message that you are giving out,” Nyauyu said.

She said she was glad that through comedy, she was taking a leading role in promoting and preserving culture.

“Through my comedies, some people talk about my brand Nyauyu, the Tumbuka lady. I have always wanted people to know more about where I come from and the accent I use tells you I am a Tumbuka by tribe and African,” the comedian said.

She said she was a Malawian comedian but rather was targeting being not only for Malawi but Africa.

Meanwhile, Nyauyu has partnered Tannah Harawa to announce the birth of a comical duet Tannah and Nyauyu.

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