The Constitutional Court has issued a strong warning to the parties involved in the election petition case and the public against threatening court witnesses.

The development follows a claim by MCP sixth witness Daud Suleman that together with his family, he are receiving security threats from unknown people over his evidence on how the 21st May Presidential election was rigged.

This also comes as lawyers in the case have complained that they are also receiving insults from the people at the court.

However, according to Judge Healy Potani, who is chairperson of the panel of five judges hearing the case, such behaviour is uncalled for as it can create anarchy in the country.

He said the law will act on anyone found threatening the witnesses.

Potani further said lawyers are professional officers of the court and there is no need to identify them with their clients because they are only doing their job.

He warned that the court does not want the country to generate into anarchy and chaos.

Meanwhile, first witness for President Peter Mutharika Dr Ben Phiri has started testifying.

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