Four members of a family, including the father, were arrested for allegedly murdering his son who was an alcoholic. The incident was reported from Datia in central Madhya Pradesh and the gory details of the case left even the policemen in shock.

Upon questioning family members after the deceased’s body was found in the nearby Gopaldas hill area, the cops were told that the alcoholic son used to rape his mother, sister and sister-in-law on a regular basis after getting intoxicated.

The father of the alleged rapist then told police that his alcoholic son had tried to rape his sister-in-law again on the night of November 11 after coming home drunk. Tired of the constant gruesome assault on the family, the father, along with other family members strangulated him to death while pinning him down.

Talking to media, the Sub Divisional Officer of Police, Datia, said that the body of the deceased was discovered on November 12 and after the post mortem report was received, it was found that he had been strangulated. The police subsequently identified him and then talked to his family members who were said to be extremely fed-up with him.

The family members have been presented in front of a magistrate and have been remanded to judicial custody. In his confession, the deceased’s father reiterated that it was him who strangulated his son after the repeated rape of his wife, daughter and younger son’s wife over a period of time.

The gruesome incident brings forth the plight of the family which suffered at the hands of an alcoholic monster who sexually abused his kin.

The frustrated family took the law in its own hands and murdered the alleged rapist instead of taking him to the police while the same should have been reported to the authorities at the first instance when he had tried to ravage the modesty of the women in his house.

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