Now that’s a party.

An unidentified pregnant teenager was at a nightclub partying hard into the wee hours of the night when she went into labour on the dance floor.

Bouncers at the O’Club nightclub in the French city of Toulouse reportedly saw the woman, 19, on the ground around 5:30 a.m. and sprung into action after realizing she was going into labour.

Marie-Helene (no last name given), Manager of O’Club, spoke with local media about the incident.

“We had to react quickly,” she said. “An employee was on the phone with the emergency services who told us what to do.”

The pregnant teen reportedly went to the club for a “change of scene due to personal problems” after being invited by a friend.

It’s also reported the woman did not consume any alcohol while partying and that both her and the child are healthy. The gender is unknown.

The unusual incident took place as the club was shutting down for the night – most clubbers had already called it quits and gone home.

Source:Daily Mail

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