This is the moment a young woman pulls the hair of an interviewer and punches a colleague because she did not get a job at a local burger bar.

The incident was filmed at the Simferopol burger bar in the city of Simferopol in the Republic of Crimea and was later shared on social media where it has been viewed over 45,000 times.

According to reports, the suspect, identified as Olesya Zhikhareva, went to the burger bar for a job interview, but she was refused the position and lashed out in response.

In the footage, the blonde woman is seen attacking a female interviewer in an office before colleagues try to separate them.

After the suspect lets go of the woman’s hair, she then appears to hit another female worker in the face.

The footage was shared on social media and netizens named the woman as Zhikhareva who is reportedly well known for her temper and violent outbursts.

One online commentator said: “This Olesya woman is very dangerous. She once threw a fryer at a chef and she also pulled out a knife on people at one place where she worked.”

It is unclear whether the suspect is being investigated for the incident.

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