A couple’s dream wedding turned catastrophic when the groom’s former wife crashed the reception and went on a rampage. The woman became enraged after she came to know of the wedding and stormed into the venue to create ruckus.

Once inside the wedding venue, the woman grabbed the three-tier wedding cake and threw it at the newlyweds. She then started shouting at the groom before she smashed some wine bottles on the ground. The shocking story was shared on boredpanda by a kind doughnut shop manager who was approached by the new bride for doughnuts as her wedding cake was ruined, reported Mirror.uk.

The unnamed manager wrote that just an hour before closing, a woman claiming to be a wedding coordinator called the store. She desperately wanted to buy “any and all of the doughnuts she can” as the wedding cake had been destroyed and the bride had been a huge fan of doughnuts since childhood and was willing to substitute.

The unnamed manager agreed to help and the woman arrived at the shop within ten minutes and quickly bought as many sweet treats as possible. “She pretty much wipes out all our stock and snags the biggest cream puff we have for the ‘ceremonial doughnut’. As she’s getting ready to pay I ask her to wait just a moment. In a fit of inspiration, I grab some eclairs and write, ‘congrats’ on one and the names of the couple on the other two in frosting. She thanks me profusely and runs out the door,” the manager wrote.

A few weeks later a happily married couple visited the doughnut store manager at the store and they thanked the staff for helping them and revealed what happened that night. “The groom had an apparently psycho ex, who had been stalking them and found out about the wedding and created ruckus at the venue,” the manager wrote on bored panda.

The manager added that the groomsmen managed to restrain the woman and called the police, who charged the woman with assault, assault with a weapon (from waving broken glass around) and destruction of private property.

Although the wedding cake was ruined along with the bride’s gown, the couple managed to enjoy the rest of the evening and even showed off a sweet shot of them cutting the ceremonial eclairs with “huge grins”. The shop manager added, “The wife was laughing and smiling in all the pictures, even with cake and frosting splattered all over her once gorgeous dress. She said it was going to be one of ‘those stories’ that she’s going to laugh about with her kids in years to come.”

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