A man who married who married his wife while he was blind has demanded a divorce from his ‘ugly’ wife after a successful surgery that helped him to regain his sight.

The man was blind when he got married to his wife following the intervention of his family members who begged the woman to be part of their life’s son as his wife.

The woman without hesitation bow down to the demands of now her husband despite his physical challenge.

After borrowing money from her work place, the woman made it possible for her husband to regain sight after a successful surgery.

The moment the ungrateful man regained his sight and saw his wife he immediately started asking for divorce arguing that his wife is ugly and he would like to marry one of the beautiful ladies he can finally see.

Asking for help, the alleged ugly wife is asking for a help from people as she is determined to seek revenge from her ungrateful husband as she has said to have already prepared acid to pour onto her husband to ake him blind again.

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