Police in Neno district are yet to make more arrest in a case which two elderly people were hacked to death over witch craft allegations.

The deceased, Chalaka Kunkeyani aged 60 and Deke Kamenya aged 51 were accused of being responsible for the death of a teen age boy who died due to a snake bite.

The incident took place in November last year and the trending video of the incident showed the accused people being hacked with panga knives.

Following the incident, police moved to arrest one suspect 32-year-old Paul Kamwetsa in Nseula village but have not made any more crackdowns since then.

Kwamwetsa will be appearing in court ‘soon’ according to police.

In an interview, Southern region police spokesperson Ramsey Nhlane, said at the moment, the law enforcers are still probing the matter and the delay in arrests is because some suspects fled to Mozambique.

“We have been trying to liaise with our counterparts in Mozambique to follow up on most of the suspects,’’ said Nhlane.

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